Regulatory Compliance

DPS Technical provides industry-specific services. These services are managed directly by Chris Real, the President of DPS Technical who is a long-standing committed member of the vehicle OEM technical committees related to motorcycles and specialty vehicles. (MIC, SAE, AMA, NOHVCC, etc.)

Our remote environmental monitoring includes aspects of measurements combined with science-based projections related to sound, dust, erosion, and regional regulatory compliance. These services assist site managers and engineering firms with facility and mitigation plans.  

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Our Vehicle Importer, Distributor and Manufacturer services include component reviews for compliance with Federal regulations such as EPA vehicle noise, 40 CFR 205, 49 CFR 571 – FMVSS, CMVSS, and NHTSA filings, as well as regional DOT vehicle distribution filings.

Additional services include evaluations utilizing SAE methodology such as SAE J1287, J2825, J2567, J2889, J1169, J1492, J1101, J1248, J1241, including support for ANSI / OPEI – B71.9-12, and USDA Forest Service Std. 5100-1D.

Services include Spark Arrester evaluation for particulate containment and rated flow.

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DPS Technical has services that are beneficial for new vehicle manufacturers and importers, including special attention to electric personal transportation vehicles, and the micro-mobility segment of transportation.

If information is needed on these services, please submit a request providing identification and corporate affiliation.

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