Civilian “Awareness Level” Sound Kit


Complete Kit  PN: SLM KT #2


Ideal instrument for measuring vehicle sound levels at race-tracks & field events.

The Land manager and Technical Inspector / awareness level sound measurement kit combines everything needed to perform vehicle sound checks in the field. A proven performance hand held instrument that has been specifically calibrated and conditioned for vehicle sound measurements with accuracy and meeting ANSI Type 2 specifications. This sound meter kit includes a certificate of performance & 1 performance checked vibration tachometer, OHV RPM testing data, measuring tape, personal protection equipment, spark arrester probe, field carrying case and informational DVD. *This instrument is intended for information data gathering and not intended for law enforcement or evidence gathering applications.


  • Performance checked Sound Meter, windscreen  & measuring tape.
  • Certificated of performance & calibration, RPM testing data, informational DVD.
  • Spark Arrester inspection tool and case, personal protection equipment.
  • Vibration Tachometer.


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