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2013 Torture Test November 16

DPS Team,

This is the first announcement pertaining to the 2013 DirtRider Magazine Torture Test.

When:                  November 16th, 2013

Where:                 Racetown 395, Adelanto, CA.

What:                    DPS will be providing technical services at this event. We will be performing  the official sound testing for all of the teams and we will have a few additional activities available in our area.  I anticipate a very busy first half of the day, 8 AM – 12 PM.

Public Information:         http://www.dirtrider.com/features/dirt-rider-torture-test-2013/

Information for our guests:         I expect that the morning hours will be very enjoyable for people to view as several activities will be going on and the track should be perfect for photos.  It is somewhat common for wind to be an issue in the late afternoon, therefore guests should be advised of this potential consideration.  It is my plan to have an area set up for our VIPs and friends.  I am going to have an area near our pit for our friends who ride out can store their riding gear.

Due to my technical support activities and a busy schedule I am not planning on hosting a meal or an official social hour.  Our guests and friends should plan on being self contained.

Team Information:        I will have our support trailer present and I will also have our Endurocross sponsor display present, however this event is not part of DPS Technical Motorsports 2013 Endurocross activities and I welcome other guests to attend.

DPS will not be entering a team in this event as our last event of the 2013 Endurocross season is the following weekend in Las Vegas. I will have at least one “Photo Bike” available for photos.

I plan to go out to Adelanto on Friday November 16th to set up our area. With this in mind, please know that I will have limited communications on 11/15/13.

More information to come.


Chris Real

DPS Technical, Inc.
1160 Dewey Way, Suite D
Upland, CA 91786

Field Logistics

Field logistical services  / Media support

DPS Technical Inc. has capabilities for providing sound studies and solutions to noise mitigation in both local and remote locations. Our DPS Technical Inc. logistical support service has the ability to perform services such as professional support in sound measurement, management, and mitigation for Law Enforcement and Land Managers, as well as education, equipment, and support for the organized event/race promoting Club or Track Owner.  Media support for On Road, Off Road and ATV vehicles, vehicle introductions, sound measurement, and education in most locations in the US are also available.

Our field service center can be seen at numerous motorcycle & ATV motorsports events each year, such as the Nevada 200 & 1000, Loretta Lynn’s Motocross Championships, the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree, as well as at media functions such as the Dirt Rider Magazine 24 Hour, and community educational events such as the NOHVCC National Land Managers Conference, and Community & Vehicle Noise Abatement Outreach Clinics.  Our field services assist our clients as well as their customers.  Feel free to stop by the DPS Technical Inc. mobile service center anytime for an introduction to sound education and management or for a voluntary “non-ticket” vehicle sound test.

DPS Technical Media Support DPS Technical Field Logistical Services

Dirt Rider 2010 450 MX Shootout

DPS Technical, Inc. participates in 2010 Motorcycle Motocross Sound Level Measurements.

Information in Dirt Rider Magazine March 2010 – 450MX-Shootout issue.

Dirt Rider – 24 Hour Shoot Out & Torture Test 2004


Industry Function


If you wanted to change your oil at the end of the ride, Chris Real was there from ChemHelp to assist in the process and dispose of correctly of the used oil. Dirt Rider wanted Real and his Honda Rider’s Club of America sponsored trailer to be at this event because of our commitment to responsible off-road riding and behaviors in the pits. Real travels often to off-road and motocross events to help educate Rangers and riders alike in chemical, safety, and sound tests procedures. For more info on what exactly ChemHelp is involved in visit http://www.chemhelp.com/.