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Pitch Stability Testing

DPS Technical has implemented a larger Pitch Stability “Tip Table” for measurement of ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) and the larger ROV (Recreational Off Highway Vehicles) pitch stability.

This test method uses an ANSI recognized engineering test to help vehicle and accessory manufacturers determine vehicle stability on inclines and with various accessory components.

NEW! ECM Recalibration Service

Dear Racing Family:

For many years DPS Technical, Inc. has been your trackside support provider for you and your Honda CRF 250R and CRF 450R motorcycles for Amateur Motocross and other forms of racing.

With corporate budgets being realigned it has been difficult for us to be able to help you trackside at as many races as in the past.

To continue to be a resource to you and to keep your fuel injected Honda CRF 250R & CRF 450R motorcycles running at top performance we are offering to provide an Engine Control Module recalibration “Mapping” service to you.  We can adjust your ECM module “Map” to match your track, riding style, fuel selection and motorcycle modifications.

Recalibrating your ECM is the best way to get the power adjusted to fit your riding style, home track, fuel and engine modifications.  We have in excess of thirty years in the racing community and understand the needs of the racer — our results are well proven.

We offer fast turn around and free Priority Mail return shipping.

Need more information?  See our Motorsports Tech Section.

Notice:   DPS Technical, Inc. is an independent organization providing specialty services to the motorsports community.  This racing service is NOT part of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


Chris Real, CLS
President DPS Technical, Inc.

ATTENTION DPS Vehicle Noise Control Students

For many years DPS Technical, Inc. has been your resource for vehicle noise control education pertaining to vehicle sound and spark arresters.

It is our goal to answer your questions and to help you understand some of the evolutionary changes that are occurring within the motorcycle, automotive, specialty vehicle and Off Highway vehicle industry.

In the event you are an Off Highway vehicle land manager many of these changes will be something that you will be contending with.


In the near future we will be finalizing our  2014 National field training and event schedule.

Please know that our early in the year eastern schedule is somewhat dependent upon the weather, however our Western schedule will include activities at several motorsports events.

Guests are welcome to attend these functions to get experience with vehicle sound measurement and to finalize training or to participate in our continuing education or advanced sound training and certificate programs.


If you have the desire to attend, please contact us in advance for details.  Our schedule often has adjustments.

2014 Schedule

(As of 2/17/14)

May 2                       

Field Proficiency Training – “Las Vegas Endurocross” – Orleans Arena
– Location: Las Vegas, NV

May 23                     

Field Proficiency Training / Possible Lecture – “Glen Helen National MX”
– Location:  Colton, CA

May 30                    

Field Proficiency Training / Possible Lecture – “Hangtown National MX”
– Location: Rancho Cordova, CA

June 20-21

Field Proficiency Training – “Sacramento Endurocross”
– Location: Sacramento, CA

October 1-4             

Field Proficiency Training / Lecture – AMA Hall Of Fame Museum
– Location: Pickerington, OH *Held in conjunction with AMA Congress

November 21-22    

Field Proficiency Training / Social & Lecture – “Ontario Endurocross”
– Location: Ontario, CA


2014 SOBOBA Invitational Trail Ride


Ride the SOBOBA Indian Reservation’s private hills, trails and water-crossings during the famous SOBOBA Trail Ride.  Led by off-road great Malcolm Smith, this ride takes you back in time when you could ride your off-road motorcycle on trails that were not blocked by fences, housing tracks or pesky neighbors.  Discover why professional riders, industry greats, Hollywood stuntmen and riders of all levels congregate each year to get their one shot to ride where no one is allowed to ride the rest of the year.  This ride is challenging, but not impossible for riders of lower skill levels. It’s an event and you need to be a part of it!

Optional sound testing of your motorcycle will be available at the Soboba Trail Ride Courtesy of Chris Real of DPS Technical and the Honda Rider’s Club.


Sunday, February 23, 2014


SOBOBA, 23333 Soboba Rd, San Jacinto, CA 92583

For more information:


2013 Torture Test November 16

DPS Team,

This is the first announcement pertaining to the 2013 DirtRider Magazine Torture Test.

When:                  November 16th, 2013

Where:                 Racetown 395, Adelanto, CA.

What:                    DPS will be providing technical services at this event. We will be performing  the official sound testing for all of the teams and we will have a few additional activities available in our area.  I anticipate a very busy first half of the day, 8 AM – 12 PM.

Public Information:

Information for our guests:         I expect that the morning hours will be very enjoyable for people to view as several activities will be going on and the track should be perfect for photos.  It is somewhat common for wind to be an issue in the late afternoon, therefore guests should be advised of this potential consideration.  It is my plan to have an area set up for our VIPs and friends.  I am going to have an area near our pit for our friends who ride out can store their riding gear.

Due to my technical support activities and a busy schedule I am not planning on hosting a meal or an official social hour.  Our guests and friends should plan on being self contained.

Team Information:        I will have our support trailer present and I will also have our Endurocross sponsor display present, however this event is not part of DPS Technical Motorsports 2013 Endurocross activities and I welcome other guests to attend.

DPS will not be entering a team in this event as our last event of the 2013 Endurocross season is the following weekend in Las Vegas. I will have at least one “Photo Bike” available for photos.

I plan to go out to Adelanto on Friday November 16th to set up our area. With this in mind, please know that I will have limited communications on 11/15/13.

More information to come.


Chris Real

DPS Technical, Inc.
1160 Dewey Way, Suite D
Upland, CA 91786