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October Schedule Announced

AIMExpo2014DPS Technical, Inc.  President, Chris Real, will be participating at the AMA National Convention, held in conjunction with the AIM Expo in Orlando, FL.


On Friday October 17, a special environmental panel discussion will take place, hosted by the American Motorcyclist Association (AMA).  The topic will be Understanding and Controlling  Vehicle Sound in the Environment.


On Saturday, October 18 Chris will be helping motorcycle riders by performing sound testing for motorcycles using an internationally recognized SAE sound testing method and providing noise control guidance to motorsports facilities and regulatory authorities.

DPS Technical, Inc. Adds Services

We are pleased to announce the addition of Pavement Macrotexture Measurement to our services portfolio.

This engineering service is intended to assist our customers classify roadway surface textures.

An internationally recognized ASTM test method is used.

NEW! ECM Recalibration Service

Dear Racing Family:

For many years DPS Technical, Inc. has been your trackside support provider for you and your Honda CRF 250R and CRF 450R motorcycles for Amateur Motocross and other forms of racing.

With corporate budgets being realigned it has been difficult for us to be able to help you trackside at as many races as in the past.

To continue to be a resource to you and to keep your fuel injected Honda CRF 250R & CRF 450R motorcycles running at top performance we are offering to provide an Engine Control Module recalibration “Mapping” service to you.  We can adjust your ECM module “Map” to match your track, riding style, fuel selection and motorcycle modifications.

Recalibrating your ECM is the best way to get the power adjusted to fit your riding style, home track, fuel and engine modifications.  We have in excess of thirty years in the racing community and understand the needs of the racer — our results are well proven.

We offer fast turn around and free Priority Mail return shipping.

Need more information?  See our Motorsports Tech Section.

Notice:   DPS Technical, Inc. is an independent organization providing specialty services to the motorsports community.  This racing service is NOT part of American Honda Motor Co., Inc.


Chris Real, CLS
President DPS Technical, Inc.

DPS Technical, Inc.

Our services have continued to expand since our founding in 1995.

In 2004 we relocated from our former location at the Rialto Airport Speedway to our present Upland, California facility.

Our corporate office is centrally located nearLos Angeles, at the Cable Business Park within Cable Airport in Upland, CA — the largest privately owned airport in the world.

Our facilities permit us to test vehicles, components and brakes as well as doing sophisticated sound and illumination testing.

Our vast experience and reputation specifically with motorcycles and small personal and sport transportation vehicles are a tool that can be utilized to provide well qualified physical vehicle testing and inspections.

Our well qualified staff members are available to provide dedicated technical support in field activities, ranging from media interaction, consumer support and vehicle display operations and mechanical surveillance.

Moreover, our mobile forensics unit allows us to operate in the field to investigate and document acoustic levels, collision scenes and accident sites while having full panoply of film, photographic, GPS and other technical services that are specifically tailored for motorcycles and other personal transportation vehicles.

Please do not hesitate to contact me personally if we can be of service.


Chris F. Real, CLS
DPS Technical, Inc.

ISO/IEC Facility Inspection

DPS Technical facility was inspected by the ISO and found to conform to international vehicle sound testing criteria in the areas of Surface Texture Depth/Acoustic Absorption, as specified by ISO / IEC.

*Audits to International Organization for Standards (ISO)/International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC), an internationally accepted standard, and subsequent accreditation provide laboratories and their customers with a degree of assurance that the laboratories are operating in control and the data they report can be relied on.